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Drawing on a rich historical record, this section examines the inaugural medal’s storied tradition. … More The Book – Order Now

Benjamin Harrison (1889)

Obverse: Profile of President Benjamin Harrison / Profile of Vice President Levi Morton / 1889 / Harrison Morton on Scroll / Union Shield Reverse: Three-quarter Portrait of George Washington / 1789 Edgemark: None Badge: “Centennial Inaugural” Ribbon: Red White and Blue Stripes / Committee Designation / Reverse Stamped “WM. Friederich, Manufacturer, Washington, D.C. Feb. 1889 (No Stamp on Inaugural) … More Benjamin Harrison (1889)

William McKinley (1897)

Obverse: Three-Quarter Profile of President William McKinley and Vice President Garret Hobart / Wreath Naming Each State as of 1897 Less the Thirteen Colonies (32) Reverse: Eagle Clasping Olive Branch and Arrows / Ribbon Naming the Thirteen Colonies Edgemark: None Badge: Capitol Building (upper) / Crossed Flags and “Inauguration March 4, 1897” (lower) Ribbon: American Flag on Yellow Background / … More William McKinley (1897)