The History

A Brief History of Inaugural Medals As the Nation has grown and evolved over the last 230 years, so too has the practice of commemorating the ascension of the President of the United States. The fledgling Congress authorized several medals during and shortly following the Revolutionary War to memorialize the conflict.  Most of these early … More The History

Joseph Biden (2021)

Obverse: Portrait of President Joseph Biden / “Joseph R. Biden Jr.” Reverse: Capitol Dome / Eagle / Shield / Stars / “Inauguration of President and Vice President” / “Biden” / “Harris” Edgemark: “© 2021 Medalcraft Mint – Green Bay WI Bronze” Size: 70mm Designer: Staff (Unidentified at time of posting) Medallist: Medalcraft Mint Mintage: — Gold / ~65 Silver / ~1,500 … More Joseph Biden (2021)