Richard M. Nixon (1969)


  • Senator Everett Dirksen administered the Vice Presidential Oath of Office to Vice President Spiro Agnew.
  • Chief Justice Earl Warren administered the Presidential Oath of Office.
  • The Program provides that the invocation was delivered by Reverend¬†Billy Graham.
  • The Inaugural Invitation is addressed from the Inaugural Committee on larger than 8×11 paper, topped with a gold, embossed Inaugural Committee logo.
  • The Official Program includes a full-page color photograph of Richard Nixon opposite a selection of his acceptance speech given to the Republican National Convention on August 8, 1968. ¬†Likewise, the Program includes full-page color photographs of the First Lady, the Vice President and the Vice-President’s Lady.
  • The Program reproduces, over two pages, excerpts from Richard Nixon’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention and features photographs of the President’s Cabinet.

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