Franklin Roosevelt (1933)


  • The front cover of the 1933 Inaugural Program features portraits of President Roosevelt and Vice-President John Garner, along with a depiction of the Ship of State.  The image was designed by Newman S. Sudduth.
  • The Program features  biographies of the President and Vice-President, alongside full-page black and white photographs of both.
  • Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes administered the Oath of Office on the East Portico of the Capitol.
  • The Program indicates that the Inauguration was held on March 4, 1933.  This was the last inauguration held on that constitutionally-prescribed date.
  • Three pages feature portraits of all prior presidents and five pages discuss the First Ladies under the heading “Mistresses of the White House.”
  • The Program includes articles entitled “Capitals of the United States” and “Inaugural Parades of Other Days,” highlighting the Nation’s past.
  • The inside back cover features a “Souvenir and Autograph Page.”  In addition to providing space for signatures, the page offers a space to memorialize the inauguration, with blanks for listing hotels, companions and “Historic Shrines” visited.


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