Harry S Truman (1949)


A detailed guide to the Medals can be found here — The Book.  Also, the Medals are discussed on this Coin World podcast and this Newman Numismatic Portal Symposium presentation.

Obverse: Profile of President Harry S Truman encircled by 48 stars / “C.P. Jennewein F. Ad Vivum 48”

Reverse: Standing figure holding an olive branch and backed by silhouettes of men and women / “Harry S Truman” / “Inaugurated President of the United States January 20 1949”

Edgemark: “(c) 1993 P.I.C.” / “Hoffman & Hoffman – Carmel, CA – Bronze – HH”

Size: 51mm

Designer: C. Paul Jennewein

Medallist: U.S. Mint

Mintage: 2 (Gold) / 9 (Silver) / 7,500 (Bronze)

  • The obverse bears the sculptor’s name followed by the phrase “F. Ad Vivum,” meaning “made from life.”
  • The profile of Truman is encircled by 48 stars, with 13 larger stars representing the original 13 colonies.
  • The female figure in the Phrygian cap on the reverse represents freedom and the masses behind her represent mankind’s aspiration for the same.
  • Two of the nine silver medals were used as prizes for window designs in department stores during the inaugural celebration.
  • The 1949 medal marks the first occasion that an inaugural medal was marketed nationally to raise funds for the inaugural committee.

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