Woodrow Wilson (1913)


A detailed guide to the Medals can be found here — The Book.  Also, the Medals are discussed on this Coin World podcast and this Newman Numismatic Portal Symposium presentation.

Obverse: Profile of President Woodrow Wilson / “Inauguration March 4, 1913”

Reverse: Eagle with wings outstretched / “Woodrow Wilson President” / “Thomas Riley Marshall Vice President” / Fasces

Edgemark: N/A

Size: 70mm

Designer: Staff of Whitehead & Hoag Company

Medallist: Whitehead & Hoag Company

Mintage: 3 (Gold) / 30 (Silver) / 3,000 (Bronze)

  • In addition to the traditional gold and bronze strikings, the 1913 Medal was the first to be produced in silver.
  • The 1913 Medal depicts President Wilson without his eyeglasses at the specific request of the Inaugural Committee.
  • The obverse depicts a pair of fasces, symbolizing strength through unity.

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