William Howard Taft (1909)


A detailed guide to the Medals can be found here — The Book.  Also, the Medals are discussed on this Coin World podcast and this Newman Numismatic Portal Symposium presentation.

Obverse: Profile of President William Howard Taft and Vice President James Schoolcraft Sherman / “Inauguration / March 4, 1909”

Reverse: “William Howard Taft President” / “James Schoolcraft Sherman Vice President”

Edgemark: None

Size: 51mm

Designer: Staff

Medallist: Joseph K. Davison’s Sons

Mintage: 3 (Gold) / 0 (Silver) / 3000 (Bronze)

  • The Official 1909 Inaugural Medal is the first to feature both a president and a vice-president.  It is also the only medal to feature a vice-president during a president’s first term.  The practice of including the vice-president on the obverse did not begin until President Eisenhower’s 1957 Inaugural Medal.
  • The reverse of the medal features only the names of the President and the Vice President with no additional embellishments.
  • Victor D. Brenner was initially contracted to design the 1909 Inaugural Medal but withdrew after learning of the project’s accelerated timeline.  Brenner is known for his design featured on the Lincoln penny.
  • Joseph K. Davison’s Sons replaced Brenner and prepared a design based on photographs of President Taft and Vice President Sherman.
  • The Inaugural Committee specifically requested that the 1909 Inaugural Medal be made larger than those struck for McKinley (44mm) and Roosevelt (44mm, Barber design).
  • Three thousand bronze medals were struck, although no silver medals were authorized.  Gold versions of the 1909 Inaugural Medal were presented to the President, the Vice President and the Chairman of the Inaugural Committee, Edward Stellwagon.

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