Grover Cleveland (1893)

A detailed guide to the Medals can be found here — The Book.  Also, the Medals are discussed on this Coin World podcast and this Newman Numismatic Portal Symposium presentation.

Obverse: Profile of President Grover Cleveland and Vice Adlai Stevenson / “Grover Cleveland” / “Adlai E. Stevenson”

Reverse: View of the Capitol Building / “Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies” / “March 4, 1893”

Edgemark: None

Badge:  “Inauguration” / March 4, 1893″

Ribbon: Red, White and Blue

Size: 42mm

Mintage: 500 – 700 (White Metal)

  • This Badge features a portrait of both the president and the vice president on its obverse.  This style is not taken up again until the Official 1957 Medal and then only upon a president’s second inauguration.
  • The reverse features a view of the Capitol Building later used on the Official 1901 Medal.


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